S Smith

I went to Liz to heal my left hip and left shoulder.  For over 10 years I have noticed during my asana (yoga) practice my range of motion is less on my left side than my right. I have not been able to work through this blockage. For my first healing, Liz instructed me to lie down and relax after we discussed the range of motion issues. I did not have high expectations or any preconceived notion of what this entailed because of my lack of knowledge regarding energy healing. The healing lasted around 45 minutes. To my delight, by the following day, my left shoulder was approximately 90% healed and my hip was perhaps 85%. . Thank you for helping me heal and take my asana practice to the next level. 

Dina S

I was blessed by my healing session with Liz.  In such a way that I not only felt more clear, but lighter after our time together. There is a gift in the unique way Liz connects, receives, and focuses her attention to exactly what you may need to be healed. The energy she brings forth has the ability to soothe parts of you that you may not have realized have been unattended to, leaving you feeling more complete. She has a natural light and divine gift, accompanied by vast knowledge and wisdom of the body, mind, and spiritual inner workings. She proves Power and Grace can exist simultaneously. 


    Born with the innate gift to communicate with spirit, Liz Harlow lived years focused on an international career. She has chosen to cultivate her abilities as a spiritual medium in order to serve the evolution of human consciousness.

    As an energy healer, Liz works with clients optimizing wellness and in medical crisis.  Energy healing can be utilized to transform addiction, improve discomfort, and find the root cause of ailment.
    Utilizing methods as a certified coach, Liz’s clients integrate energy work into personal understanding.

    Liz works with clients individually as well as in group settings.  She leads various styles of meditation.

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