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The human heart generates an electromagnetic energy field that transmits information or coding. Self regulating positive emotion can alter the heart information perceived within and beyond the body, and over long distance.

Quantum mechanics aids in understanding how energy fields interact at a distance via quantum entanglement.

The study of the metaphysical meaning of the hearts chambers is also helpful in understanding how we may recreate patterns of interacting in specific frequencies of heart energy.

Leonardo da Vinci

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  • Pat Crincoli

    Hi Liz!
    It was incredible crossing paths with you this morning!
    You have an amazing energy and knowledge, I hope we can keep in touch.
    Have a great day and weekend!!
    Pat n Marley🐶


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Born with the innate gift to communicate with spirit, Liz Harlow lived years focused on an international career. She has chosen to cultivate her abilities as a spiritual medium in order to serve the evolution of human consciousness.

As an energy healer, Liz works with clients optimizing wellness and in medical crisis.  Energy healing can be utilized to transform addiction, improve discomfort, and find the root cause of ailment.
Utilizing methods as a certified coach, Liz’s clients integrate energy work into personal understanding.

Liz works with clients individually as well as in group settings.  She leads various styles of meditation.

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