Liz Harlow

I am a healer working with clients in wellness and medical crisis as a credentialed Brennan Healing Science practitioner. I offer spiritual counsel and services as a spiritual medium. In my path to ordination with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, I serve as a Prayer Chaplain.  As a student of various faith and healing traditions, I’m able to embody and teach a unified yet diverse spiritual understanding.  

The foundation of my career began as an international model under contract in 2000 focused on print, commercial and runway. Following years of creative success as an international model, I began to record vocals and produce music. I’m featured in many commercial television productions. In the beauty industry, I’ve created profit, community and sustainable practices while leading sales territories. In 2015 I began my professional practice as a spiritual medium and healer.

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Born with the innate gift to communicate with spirit, Liz lived focused many years on her international career. Today, her intention is to positively serve the evolution of human consciousness. She’s cultivated a unique education to do this.

Liz facilitates clients as a master energy healer and spiritual medium working with clients in health and medical crisis. She is a candidate for ordination as a Unity minister. Liz works with clients individually as well as in group settings. She serves as a Prayer Chaplain.

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