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Channeling Guided Visualization

Channeling is a source of healing for all vessels receiving the energy being channeled. 

I’m thriving with the guided visualization technique taught by Rachel Eva of Integrative Wellness Academy.  I learned the general structure of this technique as I completed her course work and received my certification as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach.

My first experience utilizing guided visualization began with the intention of meeting the child consciousness in my client.  I wanted to reach the young child in the prime realization of the original wound as experienced in this life.  My intention was to meet the child, embrace, and unify the child consciousness into my client in preparation for energy healing. 

As I opened the space for the guided visualization, I was pleasantly surprised at the power of the technique.  My client went into a state of being that could be described as provoked and immediate deep sleep.  I’m referring to the state of consciousness that is induced when the vessel comes into contact with frequencies of energy that the body can not sustain in the personality level of consciousness.  One marker of witnessing this sate is involuntary eye movement in client. 

My client remained in this state of consciousness that could be described as a sleep state as I channeled.  The energy passed through my body in waves and was directed to fill her vessel.  As my client shifted states of consciousness a series of images began to be relayed to my mind screen vision.  I remained verbally relaying the visualization I experienced, which my client does not consciously recall.  I received a series of visions that represented the work we were engaged in that day.

What I intended to achieve via visualization:

  • Integrate aspects of child consciousness
  • Move into the wound as experienced by the child consciousness
  • Invite the chid to connect with the current wound as experienced in adult life

What I experienced:

  • Symbolic series of visualizations relating to my clients personal work
  • Channeled information and frequencies of energy to support client and my self
  • A trance state in client that allowed the channeled transmission to integrate

This guided visualization is adapting per scenario.  I may prep my client with breath work and move into a guided visualization moving energy through the clients body.  This clears levels of the energy field allowing energy blocked in meridians to connect with the consciousness held where the energy is blocked. I surrender to my intuition and follow the transmission of information that I am channeling to my client. 

I’m fascinated in experiencing energetic frequencies in my body along with the visions that may contain direct experience or symbolism relating to my client. Symbolism proves to serve as a language of the human subconscious. Like any language, our definitions may vary. Still, in descriptive experience this shared symbolic language may set the scene for new platforms of the psyche to emerge. This translates to new patterns of behavior.

My container utilizing integrative coaching methods continues to expand. 

I’m witnessing the healing that occurs in opening my vessel to channel energy through visualization.  All Praise Due.