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Life after Death: Working in bardo

Often, it happens when I am in a state of reflection. Not meditation necessarily, but a subdued mental state of reflection or rest. Sometimes this astral communication takes place amidst all that may be going on in my environment.

Recently, I heard “lidocaine”. I’ve learned to pause when I begin to interpret this type of information. I began to research lidocaine. I then perceived from first person communication “I died from chewing lidocaine”.

Not all souls use a direct form of communication. In one incidence a girl impressed a feeling upon me. It was so intense that I had to stop what I was doing and lay down. I didn’t initially discern that I was feeling another persons agony until she touched my shoulder from spirit and told me her name. Point being, souls have various forms of communication when disembodied just as we choose different forms of contact while living.

Recently, my experience was different. I’m honest in saying that, I initially told the soul, you can’t hang around here. You can’t attach yourself to me. That sounds cold and ignorant, but… it was my genuine reaction. I took time to sit with the entire experience. I continued my day.

A few hours later I was driving and perceived “Mom and Dad are fighting again”. Immediately I knew it was child consciousness of the soul from the morning. I reflected upon my initial reaction that morning and suddenly a knowing came over my entire being. The knowing was that I’m not doing anything. I’m a sounding board in a sense. I’m present and accessible in the plane of existence where his soul is experiencing his journey.

The soul came to reflect what he needed to experience to move through levels of bardo. If you aren’t familiar, our bardo is comprised of stages of existence between lifetimes. We co-create and experience bardo as we exist and process awareness while out of body. The knowing of bardo certainly exists prior to bon po and tibetan Buddhism, but that is the origin I’m currently familiar with.

Pioneers in human consciousness who work with these levels during life while in or out of body also use the term bardo. Those who facilitate past life work utilize the term to describe the stages in between lives.

I’ve worked with various souls as they travel through their bardo. Some are very clear in transmitting what their journey is like and ask me questions about what they perceive. Souls may be clear that it is their time to up level into pure light. I’ve experienced that.

This particular soul met me as an embodied guide in his bardo. He helped me in sitting with my denial of the work I’m embodied to do. I feel this resistance is always rooted in our focus on free will. This resistance is similar to resisting our own interpersonal work. Honest reflection will allow us to see our aligned intention.

Often we have created devices of protection from processing our wounds. We tend to focus on this human space as being our own to do with what we please. When the higher self is aligned with this work and these processes- there really isn’t a personality level choice about it. I’ve often observed this conflict regarding inner personal development work.

The soul I speak of here communicated a piece of child consciousness to me. He utilized my embodied awareness to connect the lidocaine use with his childhood trauma in absorbing his parents in conflict. He reflected off of my sounding board how his child consciousness was related to the practice of chewing lidocaine, which ultimately took his life. The root cause of patterns of behavior often remain unconscious while we are living. 

I facilitate a process to connect pieces of child consciousness to adult patterns in order to eventually release that child consciousness that is frozen in time when the wound was experienced. Quite often we fail to connect our adult manifestations, our patterns of behavior with the child experiencing a perceived trauma. Often the adult manifestations don’t initially appear to connect with the frozen childhood consciousness.

The soul received what he needed and was not heard from again. The soul served me in advancing my realization of rejecting my work, my self. As if my time is my own not to serve with! I was able to sit with myself in attempting to deny him. When the child consciousness was expressed, I received a full body direct knowing that I need not do anything but reflect. I had no choice in my presence. I was aligned to be a human embodied guide for this soul.  These abilities are embodied.

Experiencing Jesus

Edgar Cayce became aware of his astral vision as a young child. He read the bible cover to cover at least once per year. His hearts longing was to attend seminary; his family could not afford it. As he began to go into trance and read the akashic records, his observance led to many unusual accounts of healing.

Mr. Cayce struggled at times with his gifts.  His conscious personality was not keen on walking the line of public speculation.  He was quite uncomfortable with some of the subject matters that he brought to light while in trance.  He wasn’t comfortable with his past life readings when they began. 

Edgar Cayce’s Life Readings included walking with Jesus as he was reading for a client that had been with The Master during his embodiment as Jesus.

Recognizing his service in Egypt to his devotion to Jesus, Mr. Cayce is true in divine love and service. He struggled with the negative feedback that his work attracted.  

I have a signed copy of ‘There Is A River’ in which Edgar Cayce wrote, “A good man is one who has done the best he could no matter how bad it seemed to others”. 

I had the privilege of sharing this with a girl in my healing room today. She is coming from church. She is a practitioner and student of pranic healing.  She studies Chinese medicine in a traditional school.

I followed my intuition showing her Edgar’s quote at a point of relevance in our conversation. We were speaking of the past lives of Jesus as read by Mr. Cayce.

She told me that she has been in past life regression seminar with Brian Weiss twice in the recent years. She shared that a theme arises in each seminar. She experienced walking in the lives of Jesus with Brian Weiss. We connected on the energetic presence of Jesus and bridging direct contact with Jesus to our Christian upbringings.

It’s powerful to resonate in waves of divine truth with this young woman in my healing room in relation to Jesus and past life work. The mysterious work of the divine can not be denied as experienced.


Thank you for your guidance today. Thank you for resonating your truth amongst us Jesus as we observe your eternal life.