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Regression Therapy Styles

Sunday I entered a clients energy field through a past trauma & surgery. I experienced the life events around that time. I was then drawn to my client as an infant in a crib; I was drawn to the digestive system.

I received guidance to regress my client to infancy. ‘ok spirit, I got you… And, how?’

I created a neuro linguistic programming timeline. I created three points on the timeline-

1) here&now

2) trauma&surgery

3)infant in crib.

I created a vertical time line intersecting each point on the horizontal timeline. The three points were experienced and expanded multidimensionality as the healing took place. Each point in time had it’s own quality, color… And, each point in time was experiencing the allocation of self that was presented in the crib. The trauma and surgery wouldn’t initially seem to be an experience connected to the wounded infant.

This facilitation is phenomenal.

I’ve considered studying hypnosis or past life Regression where ‘snap’ the client enters into a state of working with the subconscious. Yesterday proved such a display.

I have a process futon in my healing space. It is a place to kick, release gutteral screams, cry, emote. In moving energy this way, the body opens right up to advanced energy techniques.

I’ve been dreaming with a teacher of this work who seems to be guiding me. In such a case yesterday, a past life death rolled out of my clients mouth with ease. When I initially assessed my client the previous day, I viewed two bodily holdings. One was family lineage related and we identified it in conversation. The other remained unconscious at first.

Following release and energy healing techniques, the holding emerged as a felt sensation in the body. I identified the holding I had viewed in initial assessment. As I held my client’s head and the past life death scenario surfaced, I could see the info split second before it surfaced in my client’s mind screen. That was helpful in facilitating the release.

Healing work is artistically masterful.

Love, Your Purpose

“come to know- in everything, in every act- that LOVE that may pass all understandings. For to others it may be as a myth, as a dream, as a thing to be hoped for, but to this body, to this entity, to this soul, who has tasted the joys of the personal contact with those influences within the soul, it may come to be His power working within.”
~Edgar Cayce~


I made contact with Padre Pio this week.

We were in a hospital for the healing. Padre Pio announced himself and expanded frequencies when I focused on the centerpiece of a rosary. When I mentioned it after the healing, there was a relic in the room.

As I held the Relic of Padre Pio and deepened into the energy, I heard two things from Padre Pio. First, ‘I am with you’. The welcoming carried a timeless, universal resonance. As I deepened in contact I heard ‘your body is my body’. Time was of essence and I took but a moment in this impressioned space.

The Archangel Michael came through clearly in this healing. As I shared his presence following the healing, I learned that he is the patron saint of the family. The son had placed a jar of Holy water in the room. He has an infinity for Michael.

A friend accompanied me into this healing. I followed my guidance in having her anoint me before we entered the hospital. I anointed her first. I affirmed this anointing with courage. I was aware, to some degree, that we were there for divine contact. Bless her in having faith in my vision.

The issues being experienced in body, the events that called for healing revealed with clarity. I will hold the revelation sacred. I’m witness to being a vessel for healing.


“Where should I enter Zen?” the student asked.

“Do you hear the murmuring of the stream behind us?” the master asked

The student listened, then said yes.

“Enter there,” the master said.

Once that shift has been made- from not hearing the stream to hearing the stream- we can never go back…

(Gay Hendricks)


Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium

Energy healing is an art.  I facilitate clarity in my clients by working through the human energy field. I work with emotional and mental presence in my client to bring about physical healing.  Healing is manifest from spiritual resonance.  You need not hold any belief in order to heal. We serve divine creation in all we do, in dis ease and in health.

I practice methods of intuitive healing that facilitate personal development. As mental and emotional aspects shift in my clients, I utilize integrative coaching to support holistic wellness by synthesizing conscious understanding into the physical body. Holistic work originates at the level of spirit and evolves the physical form.

Through multidimensional healing we gain clarity in the creative process of healthy living.  I am a certified coach.  I have studied energy healing in a four year college that focuses on physics of energy healing science while embodying psych spiritual development.  The practicum of my training provides advanced client experience.  I am prepared to work with many scenarios that call for healing.

If you have arrived seeking a spiritual medium, I do work with people as they are crossing over into the afterlife.  At times I communicate with loved ones that have completed their journey embodied.  These souls have personal work or messages that relate the healing of their loved ones, to the in-lightening process.  The journey of allowing light energy to come into consciousness and transmute what may be held there.  To book a session with this topic included, please choose the distance healing option in the appointment menu.